Days of the week – Worksheet 1

In this worksheet, the knowledge of students can be assesed on the week days.  This is a three column table.  In center, there will be a day written.  The students need to identify the day on “yesterday” and day name “tomorrow”. Please download the PDF Days of the week – worksheet 1

Plant Cell – Charts and Worksheets

This is a plant cell worksheet.  We have created charts and worksheets on it.  I hope it is useful for many teachers.  This printable PDF helps kids learn about the different parts of a plant cell.  It includes beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations. Please download the PDF Plant Cell – Charts and Worksheets

Potential Energy or Kinetic Energy – Choose the correct answer

There is a total of 4 pages in this worksheet.  All pages are about energy.  There are 2 pictures in each question.  They are about potential and kinetic energy.  The students need to answer correctly whether the picture denotes potential or kinetic. Please download the PDF Potential Energy or Kinetic Energy – Choose the correct […]