Reading Comprehension for Higher Grades – Emma, A Science Teacher

This is a reading comprehension made for higher grade students.  Basically, this can be used for Grade 3.  But some teachers use it for higher grades.  Please check, read and decide yourself on the complexity of the reading,

Please download the PDF Reading Comprehension for Grade 3

The textual version is given here,

Emma, A Science Teacher

This is Emma. She teaches Science at the nearby school. She wakes up every morning at 5 o’clock. After her shower, she eats breakfast at 6 o’clock and leaves for school on the school bus by 8 o’ clock each morning.

Emma starts her class at 9 AM, with a cheery disposition. She helps the students whenever they struggle to understand something or have doubts about the subject. Once her classes are done in the morning, she eats lunch with her colleagues.

In the evening, after dinner, she watches her favorite shows. After which, she feels relaxed. After watching her favorite shows, she takes a break before going to sleep. She relaxes by meditating for some time which is something she practices every day. Meditation clears her thoughts and helps her sleep better. It also makes her more productive the next day.

Read the above story and answer the questions.

  1. Who do we read about?
  2. What does Emma teach?
  3. Is Emma friendly to her students?  Explain.
  4. When does Emma get time to meet her colleagues?
  5. What are all the things that make Emma relaxed?
  6. What does she practice every day?
  7. How meditation helps Emma?