14 Fruit Riddles

We are releasing riddles in this post.  They are about fruits.  14 different riddles with solutions have been created by us.

Please download the PDF 14 Fruit Riddles

We are also posting here the riddles with questions and then with solutions.

  1. It is yellow. It can be as long as your palm. What is that?
  2. What has a green thorn exterior and a juicy, sweet interior?
  3. I wear red and sometimes green, I am so sweet. What am I?
  4. My color is red. My outside is covered in seeds and my inside is filled in flesh. What am I?
  5. I am black, beautiful, and small. I sometimes wear pink or green as well. Eat me carefully, I have some tiny nuts in me. What am I?
  6. I’ve got a peel. My skin color is between red and yellow. But people call me by my color. What am I?
  7. I can refresh when it is hot, so people love to eat me. On the outside, I have green streaks and on the inside, I am red or pink. What am I?
  8. When you eat me, I will color your hand blue. I am small and blue. People call me the saddest fruit. Yet, I can make you a healthy person. What am I?
  9. I am sour. You can use me to make lemonade. I can also add flavor to food. What am I?
  10. I look like a heart, but I don’t beat. I am sweet and sour. What am I?
  11. I have green skin and a black heart. My flavor is nutty. My taste is delicious. What am I?
  12. What grows on a tree, but can also be found in a jar. I am in the shape of a heart or a globe?
  13. I have a skin like an apple, a core like a pumpkin, and fill your mouth with sweetness. I’m shaped like a teardrop. What am I?
  14. I am made up of drupelets. My life begins in white. I turn red and purple, and then I become black when I am ripe. What am I?

Answers :

  1. A banana!
  2. A pineapple! This fruit is not only delicious, but also nutritious.
  3. Apples. Green and red apples are common.
  4. A strawberry.
  5. Grapes
  6. Orange
  7. Watermelon
  8. Blueberry
  9. Lemon
  10. Peach
  11. An avocado
  12. Cherries
  13. A pear!
  14. Blackberries.
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