Acknowledgment of Change in Event Date Letter

Acknowledgment of change in event date letter is written by a company or individual to another company or individual acknowledging the changes on the date of an event or meeting. The acknowledgment letter should be short and concise, acknowledging the company’s new date for the event and accepting the reschedule.






Company name.

Subject: Acknowledgement of change in date of the meeting.

Dear Rajesh,

It is with much understanding that we, at ABC Technology, acknowledge the new date for the product testing event on the 25th of January as mentioned by your company’s mail. We believe you have rescheduled the date for valid reasons and we look forward to the event for its great results. Much is expected out of this event beneficial for both of our business growth and its collaboration in the future, which is why we acknowledge this change of date and time.

I hope that the terms and conditions related to the event and its subsequent proceedings will be the same. For any more issues in scheduling or organizing the event, kindly contact me.