An Informal Invitation Letter

Informal invitation Letters are written to guests by invitee to attend an event. It is an official request for asking an individual’s presence at a celebration, party function, or any informal occasion. These letters has to be in a cheerful, positive tone. The letter has to mention all the details such as the date, time, and duration of the event. Generally informal invitation letters are send for social gatherings to friends and relatives.

It is a letter based on a birthday party invitation.







Dear ___ (name)

Subject: Invitation letter for attending the birthday party of our son

I am writing this letter to inform you about the upcoming birthday party of our son. My son, Rohan’s first birthday is on 9th of February and we are planning to celebrate it in a grand manner. Since it falls on weekend, it would be very convenient for you and your family members to come together and attend the function.

We, Raj and Priya, cordially invite you along with your family for our son’s birthday function. It’s been long since we met, and it would be a great pleasure having you all in the occasion.

I am writing to you in advance to let you know earlier so that you can prepare and schedule for the event. I hope we all will be having a lots of fun as it has always been in our family. I wish you to arrive a day earlier so that we can do the preparations together and make this a grand success.

Do let me know your convenience.

Kind Regards,


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