Appreciation Letter to Customer

A letter of appreciation is written by a company to a customer appreciating their continued usage of the company products or services. These appreciation letters are chiefly written to establish consumer relationship and maintain the rapport.





Dear Sir/madam,

Subject: Appreciation Letter to Customer

As an esteemed customer of RCM Group, we wish to show you our gratitude towards your continued support and trust on our brand and its products. It is because of your continued relation that our company have been successful.

We would like to give a thanking gesture with a special gift to few of our prestigious customers. You, being a Platinum Card customer, you will be getting an added benefit of discounts and sales on many of our product range. To avail this opportunity, kindly visit one of our outlets in your locality. We have attached a brochure to let you know the schemes availed exclusively for you. We hope you to take full advantage of your Platinum Membership and shop at our stores to your heart’s content.

We are extremely happy to serve you and would like to continue this.

Thanking You

Yours truly,