Grievance letters are a formal way of addressing a complaint to the authorities at work, probably regarding the workplace or work-related issues. The letter should be addressed to the people in charge of the department and should state your complaint in full detail so that they can investigate the claims.

Who to Whom : College lecturers to College Management.  This letter is written on behalf of lecturers / professors and to the college management.

And here is the letter,




The concerned department,
Company name,

Respected sir,

Subject: complaint to repair the restrooms.

I would like to bring it to your notice that our complaints regarding the office restrooms in the IT department area. The restrooms are poorly maintained and needs fixing of the broken commodes. Even after I have verbally raised the complaint, there is no action taken, which is why I am being forced to write a written complaint regarding the same.

Altogether, there are 4 toilets out of which 2 are broken. So, we are all left to wait for long, wasting our work time.

So, I request you to take a look into the prevailing problems faced by the employees, owing to the limited restroom availability. On seeing this letter, I assume that you take necessary action immediately and hasten the repair works.

We are indeed thankful to the company for all the facilities you have provided us till date.



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