Grant Application Letter

A grant application letter is written by organizations or researchers asking for grants for their work which they are not able to afford financially. The letter has to be in a positive tone, making them trust the project. The content should be straightforward, precise, and brief empathizing with your request.





Dear sir/madam,

We are an NGO in the name of Helping Hands serving for causes like education and research. As the public relations officer at HH, I am writing you this letter on behalf of our foundation to collect. We yearly do fund collections from corporates and high-net individuals for serving our causes.

In this regard, I request your organization to provide funds for our cause of education. The contribution you make will be used for the research activities and other educational needs of our students and researchers. We also wish to inform that all contributions that you make are exempted from income tax. We will also provide the receipt for your donations. We can send our company representative to you to talk in person about funding details.

We hope your organization will lend your funds to our endeavors.

Looking forward to receiving a positive response from you.

Yours sincerely,


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