Letter to Brother (Letter to Brother advising him to overcome Exam Stress)

Letter writing is a skillful art that can be mastered if we start practicing on a regular basis. Here is another sample for informal letters that you can use for “Letter to Brother advising him to overcome Exam Stress” and other such letters.


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Dear Brother (name),

Hope you are doing fine. I am well and good here. Convey my regards to mom and dad. How is their health? Tell them I will be visiting them soon by the end of this month. I received your letter last week. I was happy to hear you have scored good marks in your revision exams. At the same time, I think you are nervous about your forthcoming exams and want to share few things with you to help you overcome your stress.

Your board exams are arriving this month and you might be feeling stressed. I can understand that you are too worried of your exams. But remember being nervous will not favor you in your exams. You need to overcome your stress. First of all, make sure you are getting enough sleep to keep yourself energized for the studies. Always keep sleep your priority and take breaks often while studying. Prepare well beforehand the exams so that you will not have to indulge in last minute study preparation. Also, you must take healthy foods to keep your body energized while studying. Take lots of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Avoid taking high-fat, sugary, caffeinated foods. Moreover, the right foods will enhance your mood and avoid stress. You can divert from your studies a little to refresh yourself. Do something that you enjoy. During the exams, you should learn to be calm and poised. Do not let your mind wander in the exam hall and focus right onto answering your questions.

Keep all these tips in your mind and prepare well for your exams. I wish you all success in your exams. All the best.

With all my love and respect,

Yours Lovingly,

(Your Grandson)

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