Other ways to say happy with example sentences

We have prepared a list of other ways to say happy with example sentences. It contains 3 pages. You can download the PDF below

Download: Other ways to say happy with example sentences

Words and sentences in the chart:

  • Amused – The joke amused the audience.
  • Beaming – She gave me a beaming smile.
  • Blissful – We spent a blissful week together.
  • Blithe – A blithe heart makes a blooming visage.
  • Cheerful – She was always cheerful and outgoing.
  • Contented – He contented himself with his work.
  • Delighted – We are all delighted at the news.
  • Delightful – It has been a most delightful evening.
  • Ecstatic – Sally was ecstatic about her new job.
  • Elated – He was greatly elated by success.
  • Enjoyable – We had a most enjoyable evening.
  • Euphoric – Scientists are euphoric at the result of the test.
  • Exuberant – She gave an exuberant performance.
  • Fantastic – We had a fantastic trip to Europe.
  • Feel-good – His latest film is a feel-good movie.
  • Glad – I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you.
  • Jocular – He sounded in a jocular mood.
  • Jolly – She was a jolly, kindhearted woman.
  • Jovial – He seemed a very jovial chap.
  • Joyful – Christmas is a joyful occasion for children.
  • Joyous – The bells rang a joyous peal.
  • Jubilant – The whole nation is jubilant.
  • Lively – Emma was bright and lively.
  • Merry – A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance.
  • Overjoyed – Shelley was overjoyed to see me.
  • Pleased – I’m pleased to meet you.
  • Rejoicing – There was great rejoicing at the victory.
  • Radiant – She was radiant with joy at her wedding.
  • Upbeat – She’s a very jolly, upbeat sort of a person.
  • wonderful – It is a wonderful experience.
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