International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day :

  • Tigers are one of the rarest species of the world
  • Tigers are found only in the Indian Subcontinent
  • The sad news is that they are vulnerable to extinction
  • The main reason for loss of tigers is  expansion of cities and agriculture by humans
  • To create awareness on reservation of Tigers, July 29 was announced International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day : (Short Essay)

Tigers are majestic animals and they are now in lowest numbers they have been ever. Our National Animal is Tiger and it is in only our country that Tigers (Bengal Tigers) are found in great numbers. Tigers are vulnerable to extinction due to humans’ inhuman activities and climatic changes. Through the number of tigers all across of the world reduced from 100,000 to as few as 3000. So to create awareness about Tiger conservation, July 29 is declared by International Tiger Summit in 2010. This day tries to promote the need for expansion of the animal and to gain support for doing the same. Preserving an animal from endanger is the responsibility of every individual and we should help towards the reservation of Tigers.

International Tiger Day : (Brief Essay)

Every living thing and every small natural resource in the world plays a major role. They have the right to live in the world. But human activities like expansion of cities and agriculture has affected Earth and made life less possible for other species. The baddest example for this is the dawn extinction of the Gigantic Species Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris).

Over 100 years, the number of tigers in the world has drastically fallen down. Almost 97% have been lost to human conflict for space, climatical changes, human necessities and many such reasons. It is unbelievable and shocking that the number has reduced from 100,000 to as few as 3000. These tigers live in the wild today but there are more chances that they are vulnerable to extinction.

So, create an awareness on Tiger reservation, International Tiger Day is declared to be held July 29 every year. The day was officially founded and declared at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010. This day takes initiative to render worldwide attention to the reservation of tigers. This day can be considered as a celebration but the theme is to bring back Tigers to the world in great number since they are very close to extinction.

The good news is that lot of animal welfare organisations have  come forward to join hands in raising funds to reach this goal. The main objective of International Tiger Day is to:

  • promote to all countries about the protection of the great species and expansion of areas for the wild tigers
  • habitats gain support  of people all over the world through awareness about tiger reservation
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