Reading Comprehension for kids – Exercise 62

It is our 62nd exercise for kids to learn with Reading Comprehension.  As usual, there are questions in it and they are very simple.  We strongly suggest, as a teacher or a parent, you can simply read aloud and ask questions to the kids.

Please download the Reading Comprehension for kids-Exercise 62

You can also check the reading comprehension here.

My Cat : My cat is the best. She is so soft and fluffy. I love to pet her. She purrs when I do.  She is also very playful. She loves to chase balls and string.

In a zoo : I saw lots of animals at the zoo. I saw a big elephant. It was very big! I also saw a lion.  It was very scary! I saw a monkey too. It was so funny! I had a lot of fun at the zoo.

The Fox : The fox has a long snout, pointy ears, and a fluffy tail. He is very quick and sly. The foxes live in the forest. He is a very good hunter.

A for Alligator : Alligator is a big green animal. It lives in the water and eats fish. Alligators are not friendly animals, so you should stay away from them!