St Patrick’s Day Essay

Few Lines about St. Patrick’s Day:

  • St.Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on 17th of March.
  • It is a global celebration of Irish culture, remembering Ireland’s patron saint, St Patrick.
  • The day is celebrated as a cultural and religious celebration commemorating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.
  • It is also called by different names in various countries as Feast of Saint Patrick, Lá Fhéile Phádraig, Patrick’s Day, Patty’s Day and more.
  • The most common symbol of St Patrick’s Day is the shamrock.

Short Essay:

St.Patrick’s Day is celebrated worldwide on 17th of March every year. It is a religious and cultural celebration among the Irish communities. It is also celebrated in many countries across the world, remembering Ireland’s foremost patron saint, St Patrick. The day is the death anniversary of Saint Patrick, who ministered Christianity during the fifth century in Ireland.

Shamrock is the symbol of St.Patrick Day and everyone wear the color of Shamrock on this day. The day is observed as a celebration of the Irish heritage and culture, especially among the Irish communities. Public celebrations include parades and festivals, wearing green attire or shamrocks. People also attend special mass or service at churches. Feasts featuring Irish food and drinks, mostly of green color, are part of their celebration.

Long Essay:

St.Patrick’s Day is worldwide celebration day of Irish people. It falls every year on 17th of March. It is the feast day of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. In the early 17th century St Patrick’s Day was made as an official Christian feast day by the Catholic Church.

The day commemorates the death of the saint, St.Patrick, who lived in or around the year 493. He was a Roman Britain who was taken to Ireland as a slave and later became a Christian missionary in the country. Popular legend tells it was only after 1588 that the death anniversary of St.Patrick was observed as a feast day in the Catholic Church.

The symbol of St.Patrick’s Day is the Shamrock, the Irish national plant. Shamrock is also a representation of Christian trinity. People celebrate the day wearing green dresses or shamrock on the lapel. There are parades and large feasts arranged to celebrate the Irish culture and the religious festival. The celebrations like banquets and formal gatherings across the world are greatly influenced by the Irish diaspora.

It is declared a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. In 21st century the day is widely celebrated across many countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand.