Othello is a tragedy play written by William Shakespeare in 1603. The play revolves around the life of Othella in the hands of the villain, Iago.

Summary :

Othello is a noble Venetian general. His ensign, Iago, starts resenting Othello for passing over his promotion to another subordinate, Cassio. His secret jealousy towards Cassio and his hatred for Othello for not giving him the Lieutenant post becomes the reason for his vengeance. He starts finding chances to destroy both of thei lives. When he finds Othello loves Desdemona, he uses her suitor, Roderigo and her father Brabantio to degrade Othello. But when Desdemona declares she had married Othello on her own will, the issue is settled. However Iago convinces Roderigo into wooing Desdemona further and uses him for his plot against Othello.

Iago hatches a devious plan to ruin Othello’s life. He manipulates him to suspect Desdemona as being unfaithful to him with Cassio. Iago arranges for an open fight with Cassio and he is dismissed by Othello at the peak of the moment. Iago advises Cassio to request Desdemona to speak with Othello regarding the dismissal. But when Desdemona defends him to Othello, he becomes angry because of his suspicions about the affair. However, Othello seeks for a visual proof and Iago uses his wife, Emilia, to get Desdemona’s love token handkerchief.

Iago makes Othello believe the nonexistent affair when he sees the handkerchief in the hands of Cassio. Infuriated by the situation, Othello orders Iago to kill Cassio. Later he strangles Desdemona in her bed but when she revives for a moment, she defends her husband to Emilia and dies. Immediately afterwards, Emilia reveals Iago’s treachery and Desdemona’s innocence to Othello. Othello storms to kill Iago, but he kills Emilia and tries to flee. Filled with remorse and grief, Othello stabs himself in front of the Venetian authorities after giving a brief soliloquy. Iago is sentenced for execution.

The entire play describes the evil nature of humans, induced through jealousy and hatred. The play includes various themes such as trust, betrayal, hatred, evil, forgiveness, and jealousy.  Through the play, Shakespeare explores the physical and emotional attitudes of the characters.

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