25 Phrases with Example Sentences

Here is a list of 25 phrases in English with Example sentences.  This is a very simple list and often used English phrases.

Additionally, you can download PDF here 25 Phrases with Example Sentences

    1. Give someone a hand Help
      Example: I need a developer like you to fix this issue.  Can you give me a hand?
    2. Sharp – Exactly at a particular time
      Example: The party will start at 10 o’clock sharp.
    3. Take it easy – Relax or Slow down and similar meaning.
      Example: I will take it easy as it is only a first internal exam.
    4. Up to the minute – Most recent news/information.
      Example: I know about the progress of this project up to the minute.
    5. About to – Intending to.
      Example: I was about to dine, when you called me.
    6. According to – As indicated.
      Example: According to me, this should be decided by our principal.
    7. As a matter of fact – In reality.
      Example: As a matter of fact, I was playing with him this afternoon.
    8. As long as – Provided that.
      Example: As long as you concentrate in your studies, you would be scoring good marks.
    9. By the way – incidentally (can be used to introduce a new, less important matter).
      Example: Oh, by the way, you can do this task when you are free.
    10. All of a sudden – Quickly and Unexpectedly.
      All of a sudden the view was obliterated by the street burning smoke.
    11. Come up with – produce or create (something), especially when pressured or challenged.
      Example:  You need to come up with a solution to fix this issue permanently.
    12. Right away – Immediately
      Example: I could recognize her right away.
    13. Show upAppear.
      Example: The movie started at 6:00 PM, but he did not show up until 6:30 PM.
    14. Sort of – To some extent
      Example: I was sort of hoping to leave college early today.
    15. Stick with – Continue with
      Example: I suggest you to stick with this concept as it can be applied to most of the technical issues.
    16. Take care ofkeep safe
      Example: When I feel stressed, My wife takes care of me.
    17. Regardless of – without being affected by any other events or conditions.
      Example: You can tell me the truth regardless of what you have in your mind.
    18. Point out – Explaining with attention
      Example: After pointing out the mistake, I could do that math now.
    19. So farUntil now
      Example: Today is the hottest day I have seen so far.
    20. Take advantage of – Make good use of the opportunity.
      Example: To learn English grammar, you need to take advantage of school library books.
    21. Take over – An act of taking control
      Example: After him, his sons will take over the company.
    22. Up to Indicating a maximum amount.
    23. Turn out – Prove to be that case.
      Example: The project turned out to be beyond our team skills.
    24. Work out – Possible of being solved.
      Example: Although this decision can have bigger impact, we can work out for a better understanding.
    25. Pick up – Receive or take something
      Example: My luck has picked up after my hard work.
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