Short essay on Information Technology

Last Updated on May 20, 2020

5 lines:

  1. Information technology or IT refers to the technological developments happening in today’s world.
  2. The age of IT has revolutionized our lives bringing in unfathomable changes.
  3. Information Technology has been engulfed into all aspects of technology, learning information, and connectivity.
  4. Modern advancements like computers, internet, email, eCommerce, and cellular phones, and smart cards are part of IT.
  5. The benefits of IT to the modern world continues to increase, with the advancements.

Short essay :

The twenty-first century is known as the age of Information Technology. IT has evolved tremendously in recent decades and had revolutionized the way humans connect and work. Everything from computers and the internet to e-commerce and cellphones are the results of information technology. Advancements in technology and better information systems provide lots of possibilities in communication and connectivity. After the invention of the computer and the internet, the world has changed a lot. Just a press of a button or a swipe can get you many things that you want. You can talk to those living miles away or see people in different countries through video conferencing. You can even buy groceries and food from websites, just by sitting at home. Sharing knowledge and gathering of information has become much easier, faster, cheaper, and enjoyable. All these are the greatest advantage of IT and it had made the world a better place to live in.

Long essay :

The term ‘Information Technology’ is given to all advancements of technology in the world. Modern progress in technology, learning, and information has led to immense possibilities. Lots of technological devices such as computers, the internet, websites, e-commerce, email, cellphones, credit cards, and ATM machines are part of information technology advancements. All these have made it possible for people the gather information and use it for their needs.

After the invention of computers and the internet, the world has seen a revolution in IT. Everything today can be got from the press of a button. Whether you want a piece of information or receive a call from miles apart, it is possible with information technology. Just in a fraction of a second, you can do a lot of things – search millions of websites, gather and organize data, connect to hundreds of people and share information across the world. With modern advancements in IT such as e-commerce, we can even buy essentials and everything online, just from sitting in the room. You can track your parcels, contact people, do video-conferencing, and even book tickets.

With IT, the world has become much smaller to the hands. You can get quick and easy access to information from all over the world and even share, see or chat with people miles away. Business transactions, space exploration, watching movies, and buying digital books has become much easier than before all through a click of the computer.

In this manner, information technology is revolutionizing the world with its greatest advantage. It makes the process of information sharing much easy, fast, cheap, and enjoyable. In a nutshell, IT has made the world a better place with reduced workload and advanced comfort.