This is an essay about “Cats”.  We all love our pets.  Some love dogs and some love cats.  Cats are very especial to some.  Let us learn why they are,

About Cats in 5 lines

Short essay about cats

Cat is a cute and adorable animal. It is commonly domesticated and kept as a pet by many. Cats have sharp claws and keen eyes that help them catch the prey. They have a nocturnal vision with a high sense of smell and sound. The small tail that a cat has helps maintain the balance. Cats are very beautiful and are in different colors like white, black, grey, golden and a combination of these colors. You can always play with a cat and have fun. But they get irritated very easily when poked. Cats are omnivorous and usually feed upon milk, rice, fish, and meat. They love to hunt small animals like mice and birds. Their sharp canines and pointed nails help them while hunting. They have good climbing and jumping skills and can run fast into high and long distances. Cats are both friendly and fierce, at the same time. They are useful to save the house from small pests like rats and snakes.

Long essay

Cats are common domestic animals. They are omnivorous in nature with a habit of feeding on other small animals and birds. They also feed on milk and other proteins. Cats are nocturnal which means they can see even in the dark. They have a better vision than humans and can sense various movements in the dark. They have sharp claws and eyes to catch the prey even during the night. They also have small years but with a high sense of sound such that they can hear even the slightest of sounds. Their small bushy tail helps maintain walking balance. Usually, cats roam around in the night and can walk without much noise because of their soft leg pads covered with fur.

Most cats are kept as a pet, as they are fun to be around and play with. You can be easily attracted to the cat for its mesmerizing eyes and funny actions. Unlike dogs, they, however, have a laid back selfish attitude and aggressive nature when poked. Cats are also lazy creatures and love to sleep in a cozy, warm place. Cats are extremely good at jumping and climbing. As a pet, cat can be useful in protecting or saving the house from pests like rats. Cats are mammals and their offspring are called a kitten. Sometimes cats are very similar to tiger cubs as they are of the same Cat family.

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