Essay on Forgiveness

Last Updated on March 31, 2020

Forgiving is not easy. It is an act of Godliness. Here comes an essay about “Forgiveness”. We have added this in multiple format. They are 5 lines, short essay and long essay.

5 lines

  • Forgiveness is an act of pardoning someone for their wrongful act.
  • It is one of the important quality that needs to be cultivated for a peaceful relationship.
  • Forgiveness includes forgetting other’s mistakes and treating them equally.
  • Forgiving someone gives self-fulfillment and a higher level of respect.
  • Also forgiving others brings more peace to the mind and relationships.

Short essay

Forgiveness is the act of letting go of a person and their wrongdoings. When we find someone hurting or doing wrong to us, we get angry at them. But when we forgive them, we are letting go of that hateful feeling. Also, it will bring peace to our own minds. On the other hand, forgiveness makes us a better person than others. We will feel a sense of self-respect and self-worth in forgiving others. Without forgiving, our hateful emotions will become more intense making us revenge for what was done. It will finally damage both our life and others who belong to us. So, the best thing we can do to people who hurt us is to forgive them. Indeed, forgiving should be accompanied by forgetting. That means, you should not only forgive them but forget what was done to us and lead our life as usual.

Long essay

Forgiveness means pardoning someone for their mistakes or wrongful act. In life, there will be so many persons who do wrong to us. They hurt us, lie to us, and even cheat us. It can be anyone from family members, friends, or outsiders. Whoever it is, we cannot change them or change what was done to us. All we can do is forgive them. When we forgive someone, we are letting out the hurt we have in heart. This will make us peaceful. On the other hand, when we forgive others, we are getting a higher level of respect. It is a kind of self-fulfillment that helps us stay in peace with those around us.

Forgiveness is an act that lets us not revenge or punish for the bad deed or mistake done to us. For students, forgiveness means not punish your friends for their bad behavior towards you. Sometimes, people do things that hurt us, but we need to forget such things and move on in life. Because when you don’t forgive, you keep that hatred in heart and lead to revenging them. Such acts can cause damage to both persons. When we fight with those who argue, we are no different from them. We need to leave them and that will make a positive difference and make us a more respectable person.

Forgiveness must be accompanied by forgetting. Forgiving without forgetting the things that happened is of no use. So we must always forgive and forget those who have done wrong to us. This makes us a better person without ego and revenge.