Example is better than precept

Example is better than precept :

  • The proverb means that it is better to show something in action than merely advising others.
  • You should be an example to others when doing good and should not be a man of mere words.
  • People easily give precept or advice to others about moral conduct but rarely follow the same.
  • When a precept is spoken by a person who follows it, we accept it readily.

Example is better than precept : (Short Essay)

The proverb mentions the importance of action over words. People have the habit of giving advice easily to others. But most people who advise others are not the followers of their own advice. When we give advice to someone, we should first introspect ourselves. It is better to act as an example than to give advice. For those who smoke should not ask their children or others to quit smoking. When they do so, it will not make any difference. Only when the advice is spoken by someone who follows it, it will be accepted readily. When someone speaks or advice something that he himself does not follow, it will have no effect on those who listen.

Example is better than precept : (Brief Essay)

The proverb, example is better than precept, means that we should be an example for others before we give advice. We often hear people giving precept or advice for what is good and bad. They teach other about moral conduct and how one should live. But when people merely advice it is not going to influence others for a long time. Mere advice will be remembered for a time being and will soon be forgotten.

There are so many people in the world giving advice about something they don’t even do. For instance, a drunkard might speak about the evils of drinking. When they do so, it will never change anything. People will not follow a precept or advice preached by a man who himself is not good. This is because there is a major contradiction. Many people today live a life such that what they preach is different from what they practice. So, it is always good to be an example of what you say or advice.

When an honest man speaks about honesty, everybody will be convinced of it. Similarly, when a charitable kindhearted man asks others to donate and work for charity, it will be accepted readily. This is because people see others through their actions and only that will make a difference.

Hence, as there is a proverb, action speaks more than words, it is necessary for us to use our actions to advice someone. Only then, we will be able to convince them effectively and teach them good through actions rather than mere advice or speeches.

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