This is about a cherry farm reading comprehension.  It is a fun part of life.  The students of Grade 2 can use it.  Please let me know if it is not enough for this grade.

Please download the PDF Our Cherry Farm – reading comprehension (G2)

Our Cherry Farm - reading comprehension (G2)

In the summer, my cousins and I would pick cherries on our farm. Every time we played, it was so much fun! We would climb the ladder to get to the top of the tree and then fill our buckets with ripe, juicy cherries. Joe is my uncle. With the cherries we picked, he would make the best cherry pie. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

Questions :

1. What does the author do in the summer?
2. How does the author feel about picking cherries?
3. Who makes cherry pie with the cherries that are picked?
4. Does the author like cherry pie? Why or why not?

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