Retirement Resignation letter

Letter writing is a formal way of communication. A resignation letter will be written by an employee expressing his resignation from the job. A retirement resignation letters are written by those who are due for retirement, to intimate before their service notice period in the job contract.

Resignation letters serves as a written record for employers regarding the start of termination process of the employee. Unlike a standard resignation letter, retirement resignation is an anticipated formality to specify the last working day of the employee.



Respected sir,

Due to my impending retirement, I am writing to you to confirm my retirement from my position as senior manager in this company. With this letter, I am presenting for approval my notice period of one month starting from today.
I express sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart to one and all for all the support and guidance given during my tenure in your company. It was wonderful working with you, and seems hard to believe 24 years have elapsed since I joined this company. Now, I look forward to my retirement years happily.

By any means, you need my assistance in my pending or future projects, it’s a pleasure for me to serve you. I can be contacted at ______.

Thank you again for everything.

With best regards,