Women Empowerment Speech

Women Empowerment Speech

Good morning to everyone seated here.

Today am going to talk about women empowerment and why is it so much important in today’s world. Women empowerment in India is little lagging behind than other Western countries. It is necessary that India takes initiatives to empower women in the country and bring gender equality. It can be said that gender equality is necessary to empower women.

India is still a developing country and we are growing economy. The country and its society are male-dominated and women are mostly forced to sit behind at home and do household chores. But this should not be the reason why we need to empower women. Every citizen in the country, both men and women should understand that men are not only the power of the country. Indeed they are the half power and it takes both women and men in the country to take it forward towards the path of development. The first step is to understand the power of women and let them take the lead in deciding their life and independence. When women can take over the power of a family, why not she take hold of the business and even the country’s affairs.

Gender equality is an important step to bring women empowerment. Both men and women are equal. Men should understand that women are not born to take the responsibility of the household. Indeed they need to and can do more than that. Women should be given the opportunity and support to choose their own career and be independent in the world. It is the responsibility of each and every citizen of the country to change their mind towards women empowerment and give them full freedom to choose their life for themselves.

Women empowerment means empowering women physically, socially, and emotionally. When women in the country are empowered with education and career, they are improving the economic status of the family and help reduce poverty in the country. With women’s empowerment, the productivity of the family and the entire community improves. It is said that when the women in a family are educated the future generation is getting a better chance.

In India, there are so many social issues hindering women’s empowerment. Gender-based violence, abuse, reproductive health inequities, economic discrimination, traditional practices are few forms of inequality targeted towards women. It is important for our country to fight all the social issues against women and support women empowerment in a full-fledged way. for this private and government organizations need to lend their support by promoting equal policies, improving women’s health awareness, and giving women equal status in the workplace.

Women need to empower themselves by being strong and showing power in the male-dominated society. They have to take the lead in heading the household system alike men and should manage all the financial activities at home. It is said that every change starts at home. Also, the government has to provide all the resources for women to get educated and become independent in life. So, with women empowerment, comes the social and economic betterment of the women in the country.

So we as citizens of India, have to change our mindset and support women empowerment by helping the women in our lives gain power in the household and in the society. As a girl and woman in the society, you have to empower yourself by becoming independent and present your power in all aspects of life.

Let us make our country’s women empowered in all walks of life.

Thank you.