Women’s Day Speech

Good morning friends,

Today, we are celebrating the International Women’s Day. I am extremely glad to be given the opportunity to deliver the speech on this International Women’s Day. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the school people and organizers here. The International Women’s Day is celebrated every year globally on 8th of March to honor the achievements of women in various fields. Therefore this celebration gives recognition to those woman personalities who have excelled in their own fields. Indeed, women have contributed greatly to the welfare of the society and to the country subsequently.

Women’s Day holds a great significance and it’s becoming a custom today year after year. It is the celebration of respect, appreciation, love and care towards women in your life and in the society. It is glad that Women’s Day is celebrated in schools and colleges nowadays so that respect and care for women are instilled into the minds of the young generation, right from their childhood days.

Empowering women is a great responsibility. It is necessary for gender equality. A society is better when women are not taken for granted and are given equal respect. In the olden days, women were confined to the home and were not allowed to step out of the house for work. Household chores were their only area of work. But today’s society has seen a lot of changes. This generation values women and trusts with amazing responsibility. Women are given equal potential at work and are allows to stand among and sometimes ahead of men in many fields. Today, women have started realizing their strengths and abilities are ready to step out of their home, contributing to the success of their home and the entire society. They are indeed making the world turn heads towards them. Before it was not possible and now it is possible and they are doing it today. You can see women reaching greater heights and even travelling to space. They are entering into all fields and are making success everywhere they go.

Today’s woman is no longer dependent. She is self-reliant and Independent in every aspect and are capable of doing everything equal to men. We have to respect women not because of the gender, but for their own identity. We have to accept that both men and women contribute equally to the betterment of the home and society. It is the woman who brings life. Every women is special, no matter where she works – at home or in office. She is making a difference to the world around her, and most importantly, plays a major role in upbringing children and building a home. It is our responsibility to appreciate and honor the woman who are making success in their life and bringing success into the life of other women and those around her. It feels nice to have a day to celebrate women.

So, on this International women’s day, let’s recognize the importance of women in our lives and to the society and motivate them for greater future achievements.

A video on how to give speech on Women’s Day

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