Contains 25 different action words.

Please download the PDF Action Words Sentence Posters

  1. Drink
    What do you
    like to drink?
  2. Dance
    can you dance
    in the middle
    of this crowd?
  3. Eat
    We eat healthy
  4. Sing
    Can you sing this
    song for me?
  5. Climb up
    Give me rope so
    I can climb up.
  6. Crawl
    A child learns to
    crawl before he
    learns to walk.
  7. Jump
    Do not jump on
    the couch.
  8. Cook
    Cook in a very
    hot oven.
  9. Dive
    Many dolphins can
    dive to depths of
    200 meters.
  10. write
    She is writing an
  11. Sleep
    I sleep 8 hours
    a day.
  12. Play
    I want to play
    with them.
  13. Sit
    Where do you
    want to sit?
  14. Throw
    I’m ready to
    throw the ball.
  15. Ride
    I am learning to
    ride a bicycle
  16. Fly
    I fly in an
  17. Give
    I will give you a
  18. Listen
    Listen carefully
    before you
    start writing.
  19. Buy
    I need to buy
    some groceries
    from the shop.
  20. Wait
    I will wait for the
    rain to stop.
  21. Shake
    Dad shakes the
    rattle for the baby.
  22. Laugh
    I laugh when I hear
    a good joke.
  23. Talk
    I talk to my friends
    every day.
  24. Smell
    The flowers smell
  25. Watch
    I watch a movie on
    my computer.

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