Basic colors Red, Green and Blue Chart for Kids

Last Updated on October 22, 2023

Today, I want to talk about this interesting poster that was created by my designer. The poster is an illustration of three tubes of paint, each with a different color – blue, green, and red.

The tubes are arranged in a diagonal line, with the blue tube on top, the green tube in the middle, and the red tube at the bottom. The tubes are also tilted, so that the paint is spilling out of them. I think this poster is a great representation of creativity and the artistic process. The tubes of paint symbolize the tools that artists use to create their work, and the spilling paint represents the idea of letting your creativity flow freely. The use of primary colors – blue, green, and red – also adds to the overall theme of the poster, as these colors are often used as the basis for many other colors. The poster is a great reminder to always keep an open mind and let your creativity flow freely.

It’s important to remember that creativity is not just about producing something new or original; it’s also about exploring new ideas and ways of thinking.  I hope you also like it.  You can use it in your PPT or Keynote.  If you are working any creative projects start with this image.

Download basic colors red green blue chart


It is a printable chart. Made in the size of A4, easy to print and give as a project.