Capital City – Delhi

Capital City – Delhi :

  • New Delhi is the Capital of India
  • New Delhi is one of the busiest cities in our country
  • There are many monuments in Delhi which makes it a historical place
  • New Delhi also many parks, forests and playgrounds
  • New Delhi is the third largest urban area in the world

Capital City – Delhi : (Short Essay)

New Delhi is city of many histories. It is one of the big cities in India, after Mumbai and Kolkata. New Delhi is one of the ancient and historical place which consists of 7 historical cities. New Delhi today was once built to be the capital of Britishers (which was Raisina in 1912). The main places in New Delhi are Connaught Place, Parliament, Secratariats, India Gate, Central Vista and many more places. Delhi can be said to be a very busy city that has people of  all religions, caste and colors. People in this city live and help each other without any discrimination.

Capital City – Delhi : (Brief Essay)

India is a prestigious country and the capital city of this vast nation is again a symbol of Pride. The capital of our nation is New Delhi. Delhi is a city that is connected to Upper Doab of River Ganges and also Punjab region.

New Delhi is:

  • Third Largest urban area in the world and
  • Most Populous City of India

Delhi and its urban region together are called National Capital Region (NCR) and Delhi is a collection of cities. Delhi is made up of 7 historical cities:

  • Siri
  • Mehrauli
  • Jahanpanah
  • Tughlaqabad
  • Kotla Feroz Shah
  • Shahjahanabad
  • Purana Qila

Delhi can be proudly called the Seat of many empires.The city was captured and rebuilt many times. Delhi is a place where you can find many monuments and places namely Connaught Place, Parliament, Secratariats, India Gate, Central Vista and so on. Delhi can be considered a small example of India’s religious diversity. In Delhi, we can see each culture mingled and blended through monuments, buildings and many other systems, Indeed, Delhi is an outcome of all cultures namely the ancient Indian culture, the Mughal culture and the British culture. These monuments and buildings clearly prove the  significance and contribution of Delhi towards the development of India in all ways.

New Delhi is considered as the purest form of culture, heritage and history of India when compared to other ancient cities of our country. We can see both the traditional and the modern cultures blended in the city and its lifestyle today. Till this day, the Capital City has been the lead in showing that “Unity in Diversity” is the way of India. People from various classes, cultures, lifestyles and religions live here without any kind of discrimination. For people who have understood and realized the significance of the City, New Delhi is definitely a paradise.

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