My Aim in Life

This article contains everything about “My Aim in Life”.  Here you can see a video that explains beautifully about the essay. We have 3 essays on “My Aim in Life” My Aim is to become a cricketer My Aim is to become a doctor Business Woman is my aim of life

Describe the Picture Worksheets

Children love pictures.  With their love, you can initiate them in learning their language learning skill.  It also enhances their describing skill.  It is a worksheet based on “Describing pictures”, Download: Describe the Picture Worksheets

20 Amazing Word Prompt worksheets for grade 1

We have prepared a list of worksheets on “20 Amazing Word Prompt worksheets for grade 1”. It contains 3 pages. You can download the PDF below, Download: 20 Amazing Word Prompt worksheets for grade 1 20 Amazing Word Prompt Ideas for grade 1 What is your favorite season? why? What is your favorite animal? why? What […]

Healthy Foods for Kids

Healthy Foods for Kids : Children are growing day after day and they need proper food on a daily basis They should intake the right nutritious foods at the right time They should be taught to consume healthy food regularly Balanced diet is good for children’s growth We should avoid giving unhealthy foods to kids […]

Thiruvananthapuram Educational Tour

Thiruvananthapuram Educational Tour : We visited to Thiruvananthpuram for an Educational Tour from our School Last month Being The capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram was so majestic that we overwhelmed at its beauty We went to Thiruvananthapuram for Educational Tour with our staff The architecture of buildings and homes in Kerala was entirely different We learned […]


Cricket: Cricket is the most famous International Game Cricket is a bat and ball game which has three aspects: Batting, Bowling and Fielding Cricket is played between 2 teams with 11 players in each team The game is an outdoor game being referred by three Umpires Cricket is the mainly played game in our country […]