Chart on American & British English

We have prepared a list of American & British English vocabulary words.  You can download PDF below.

Words on the chart:

American English: Faucet, Jell-O, Garbage, Cookie, Can, Soccer, Cab, Chips, Pants, Corn, Drapes, Diaper, Elevator, Eraser, Pajamas, Fries, Yard, Gasoline, Closet, Apartment, Stove, Mail, Flashlight, Candy, Overalls, License Plate, Sidewalk, Queue, Vacation, Sneakers, Scotch tape, Movie, Tire, Highway, Fall, Truck, Trunk, Subway, Vest, Zipper.

British English: Tap, Jelly, Rubbish, Biscuit, Tin, Football, Taxi, Crisps, Trousers, Maize, Curtain, Nappy, Lift, Rubber, Pyjamas, Chips, Garden, Petrol, Wardrobe, Flat, Cooker, Post, Torch, Sweet, dungarees, Number Plate, Pavement, Line, Holiday, Trainers, Sellotape, Film, Tyre, Motorway,
Autumn, Lorry, Boot, Underground, Waist Coat, Zip.

Download: Chart on American & British English

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