Dentist’s Day Essay

5 Lines about Dentist’s Day

  • Dentist Day is celebrated both nationally and internationally.
  • The day is celebrated to show appreciation for the dedicated work of dentists, who play a part in your dental wellbeing.
  • In India, the dentist day is celebrated as the National Dentist Day and is observed on March 6, every year.
  • Internationally, the day is observed as International dentist Day on February 9th.
  • Dentist day provides awareness to the public about maintaining their dental health and wellbeing.

Dentistry, as one of the oldest branches of medicine, is often undervalued. To this day, dentists play an important role in the medical profession. The industry has expanded leaps and bounds with constant advancements in technology and treatment types. Gone are the days when dental treatments and dentists visit were a horror story. Today dental treatments are so advanced that they are painless and less invasive.

National Dentist Day

National Dentist’s Day falls every year on March 6th. It is observed established as a way of showing appreciation and thanking dentists for their role in everyone’s life. It is also established as a day to bring awareness among people about dentistry so that they will gain knowledge about maintaining oral health.

Dentists all over India use the day to encourage people to visit dentists and care for their teeth. They also show up with posters to spread awareness on dental habits. Dentists also celebrate this day by posting health tips on the importance of smiling, oral health and asking people to do regular visits to check their dental health.

International Dentist Day

International Dentist Day is observed every year on February 9th. The day is a celebration of all dentists across the world. The day is getting more popular in recent years. It is also known as the feast of Saint Apollonia, a person who is often associated with the dental profession. The day is observed to appreciate the work of dentists and say a massive thanks to all of the dentists across the world. We thank them for making people in the world smile by providing oral treatment and dental care to patients.

As a public, there are ways in which people celebrate the dentist’s day. They commit to maintain dental habits and raise awareness about it to young children. There are also some dental checkup camps happening across the country to encourage people to do a regular dental checkup. Show off your dental wellness in social media through your ‘smile’ posters.

Dentists bring a great difference to everyone’s smile. And so celebrating their dedication to the medical profession is worth spending a day in the year as Dentists’ Day.

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