Healthy Children Healthy Nation

Healthy Children Healthy Nation :

  • We need a strong youth group to build a stable future
  • Children today should be the masterminds of a beautiful nation
  • A healthy nation can be created by healthy children
  • We should help each other and make a healthy nation

Healthy Children Healthy Nation : (Short Essay)

A Nation becomes strong with the youth in it. Children today become the pillar of nation tomorrow. We cannot deny that without children nothing is possible. Children are the happiness of a family and hope of a nation. Such children should be healthy and fit. They should given more concentration and care. We should build a strong which can be really a possible dream with healthy and brilliant children.

Healthy Children Healthy Nation : (Brief Essay)

There is always a reason for success. Sustainable victory always depends on healthy minds. Only healthy minds can carry positive attitude everywhere.

What is important in life is a key idea and a power to execute it. The so called will comes from a sound mind. We should always be mentally strong and physically strong. It is really true that we need to have power to withstand problems. Crossing hurdles is not so easy until we are healthy enough.

So as children we should be string enough to bring up our nation. Great national leaders have shaped up our nation to a great level. Now it is in our hands to make our nation even more stronger.

We should make strong actions and act wisely. When success not even a step more we should not become over confident. Till the end we should be healthy and fit to reach our goals triumphantly.

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