Importance of Politeness

Importance of Politeness :

  • Discipline always matters
  • Politeness is definitely a discipline we need to follow in our life
  • Being polite teaches many things in life
  • Only when we are polite we can be humble enough in life
  • Politeness means righteousness and such a righteousness will take us to the pinnacle of glory

Importance of Politeness : (Short Essay)

A polite person is always a good person. There is no doubt that a humble person becomes the centre of attraction in a any place. When we are polite people will like to talk with us and we will be surrounded by many people therefore. When we give polite answers to anyone they are convinced with us. By our politeness we can get great works done in lesser time. So, for a peaceful life and successful life, politeness is the best way.

Importance of Politeness : (Brief Essay)

We become what we think. So the outcomes of anything we do totally depends on our attitude. If we are positive, we will get positive outcomes. If we are negative we will get negative outcomes.

In life, we should be careful in choosing words. Because spoken words are like a glass broken in no time. The words we spoke can be revoked.

So, one of the best ways to speak smartly is to choose the polite way. When we are polite our words never come out in hustle. We have a free mind to think when we have already chosen politeness.

A polite person is a pleasing person. Only such a person can attract more people around him or her. A polite person will never takes wrong decision because the time taken to think before acting is much more.

It is also true that a polite person’s views are easily accepted when compared to a rude person.

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