My Ambition in Life – Scientist

My Ambition in Life – Scientist :

  • My ambition in life is to become a Scientist
  • I am deeply interested in Science and Technology
  • I want to prove my talents by making new inventions
  • As a student, I want to make my teachers proud
  • I will become a great scientist in future

My Ambition in Life – Scientist : (Short Essay)

Like every student who is ambitious, even I keep dreaming about my future. I wonder if I would make difference to the society. When I think of the path of my life, I see a great future if I concentrate on Science and Technology. The concepts and updates on recent technological developments only prove that Scientists are the masterminds of such great works. I want to become such a scientist. I want to make big wonders and such findings would give fame to me. My parents are supporting me a lot and I focus much on my studies so that I can take my career to the point where I become a Scientist in future.

My Ambition in Life – Scientist : (Brief Essay)

What induces success? I say it is failure. I am much confident about this from the proverb I came across recently:

“Failures are the stepping stones of success”

I always dream about becoming a scientist. But being a scientist is not so easy. The same needs a lot of patience and one needs to learn the art of embracing failure as success nearing soon.

When I enjoy my Science lessons in school, I use to think it is a great enjoyment to stay in touch with the nature. This has pointed out my deep love on Science and that is why I wish to establish my career in the field of Science.

Right from this stage, I am learning to do both hard work and smart work.  I have never stopped asking questions during my Science classes since I strongly believe that by questioning we get the right answers. I want to invent new things for mankind and bring out the unrevealed secrets of nature.

By making ourselves, close to Science we make ourselves close to nature. I want to explore the environment and help people to live a better life as a Scientist in future. I want to prove that a Scientist is a selfless person who toils for the benefit of fellow human beings. I want to set an example to others. I do not believe that life is a successful journey until we mark our footprints in history.

My ambition is very important for me and working hard for it everyday. When I become a Scientist, I am sure my parents and teachers would be proud of me.

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