My Best Friend

My Best Friend :

  • My best friend is my best companion
  • My best friend sits beside me in my class and we study together daily
  • I prepare my exams with my best friend and we try to get first rank in every term
  • We go to our school in our bicycle; we enjoy riding the bicycle together
  • I love my best friend and we will stay together forever

My Best Friend : (Short Essay)

There are many relationships in this world that are valuable and cannot be replaced by anyone. The ones who spend time for us and stay with us in any situation are our friends. I have one such best friend. I know my best friend since my childhood. My best friend has never let me down. With my best friend’s company, I have been able to join many summer camps. Being with my friend gives me lot of joy and happiness. My best friend is my real wealth in my life. I never want to lose my best friend from my life.

My Best Friend : (Brief Essay)

A true and best friend is the biggest asset of our life. A best friend stays with us like an open book. He gives us opinions and suggestions frankly. A best friend tries hard to fulfill our wishes. My best friend also is one such person whom I like a lot. My best friend and I study in the same class in my school. Everyone in our class knows that we both are best friends.

My best friend has many good habits and because of him I try to learn such habits. My friend and I go out on weekends to the nearby ice cream parlor. We love playing badminton together. I have never felt bored or lonely when my best friend is around. It is true that “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed”. My friend has always helped me when I faced with problems. When I do something wrong, my best friend points out my mistakes. My friend insists me to rectify my mistakes.

My friend’s family are very lovable to me. I feel so happy when I am in my friend’s home. My best friend also comes to my home often. We celebrate all the festivals of our families together. My best friend and I go to computer classes together. We try to learn painting and drawing ourselves at our home. We got first prize in the competition held in our area during Diwali. I have never failed in my efforts when my friend is with me to encourage me always.

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