My Father :

My Father : (Short Essay)

Life is a gift and everyone we have in it is a treasure. My life is a wonderful one because of my parents. My father is the most favorite person whose influence has shaped me rightly. My father is the best in decision making and his decisions has never gone wrong. Only because of him I have learnt to face any toughest situation in Life. He is my Mentor and he has taught me good manners and disciplines. My father is very strict when it comes to my academics. He has always advised me that Knowledge is Wealth and only when I excel in my academics I can succeed in every level. With my father’s guidance I can easily reach great heights in life. Thank You my dear father.

My Father : (Brief Essay)

The Ideal Person of my Life is my Father. My father is my Best Friend and I feel the world so safe and comfortable when he is around me. The most happiest moments of my Life are those I spend with My Father till this day.

When I want to know something My Father does not just teach it; he simply does it and let me watch it. Whenever I struggled in my studies my Father sits near me and teaches me. After his heavy work from office, he comes home to relax. Then, he sits and spends time with me till I go to bed. He keeps teaching me something new everyday.

My Father has always taught me to live my life on my own. He is very strong that we can lead a good life only when we know how to make life a beautiful one. He guides me on good path but lets me choose what I want. Because of this I have never chosen something that is not good or unworthy. This helps me a lot in decision making in many situations.

My Father is a great writer too. Because of him I have developed my interest in writing too. I have won many prizes in Essay Competitions. My Father also motivates me to actively participate in all competitions. I am unique in any crowd because because of My Father’s teachings. In the absence of his guidance I would have not gained such a good name in School. I am very happy that My father is always with me, for me. I love my Father so much and I am thankful to him always.

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