My favorite Bird – Pigeon

My favorite Bird – Pigeon :

  • The Pigeon is a beautiful and lovely bird
  • I love Pigeon a lot; my favorite bird is pigeon
  • Pigeons live in nests that are made of sticks
  • Near my home, we have a Pigeon Nest
  • I give those birds cereals,lettuce and berries daily

My favorite Bird – Pigeon : (Short Essay)

I am a nature lover and I love birds a lot. Among all the birds, I love Pigeon a lot. Pigeons are one of the most beautiful creations of God. I have always admired the bird since they are one of the social beings that that live in groups and move around in flocks. They are very soft in nature that do not disturb other animals or humans. They just feed on the food in the ground and make a living of their own. Pigeons are birds that have been close to man since historical times. If we are aware that Pigeons were man’s post man once upon a time this fact would be agreed easily. They have such a homing ability; they can carry messages to a far away place and return back to the same place where they started.

My favorite Bird – Pigeon : (Brief Essay)

Pigeons are one of the prettiest birds in the world and my favorite bird is pigeon. The facts that  I learned about Pigeons are really amazing and few of them are:

  • Pigeons are intelligent birds. They can identify them on the mirror
  • They can identify the same person on 2 different images
  • Pigeons can easily detect distant storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions since they have a very sharp sense of hearing
  • Pigeons can carry messages to distant places and they were used as messengers during many wars

I have a pigeon as a pet in my home and she always moves around me. Her name is Whity. My love on birds once urged me to buy a pigeon from a pet shop. Pigeons are very lovable birds and every morning I see her joining a flock of her species.

What I love about my little Whity is her stout-body and cute walk when she feeds around her food. Pigeons generally eat seeds, cereals, lettuce, watercress, berries, apple, pears, etc. I give Whity apple, pear, cereals and seeds daily. I love to see her feed on them by bending her short neck and poke on the food with her fleshy beak.

Though I tamed her to be with me, she loves to live in a nest. So I let   her have a nest in our garden. Like other pigeons, Whity also built her nest with small twigs. As a pigeon fancier, I love to have a few more pigeons in my home. Once I am all set with Whity, I will buy more pigeons from the pet shop near our house.

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