Pending Payment Letter

It is a formal business letter in which a business writes a letter to the client or customer informing them of the amount due for payment. The letter has to be subtle conveying the necessary payment pending and reminding them of the same.





Respected sir,

Thank you for being a valuable customer to our business. You have done regular payments of your purchases every year. But for the past two months, your payments have been irregular. We would like to bring to your notice that you have not made any payment towards the purchases dated December 2019. Even after two months of grace time provided, there have been no payment from your end.

We earnestly request you to consider this letter as a reminder and make the necessary pending payment at the earliest possible. According to our records, your pending payment with us amounts to Rs 15,000. We wish regular payments will help us maintain good business relationship.

Our business thrives on payments of our clients and customers like you. I hope you look into the matter seriously and make efforts to complete the pending payments with urgency.

In case you have already paid, please ignore this letter.

Yours sincerely,


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