Segregating Wastes

Segregating Wastes :

  • It is important to segregate waste on a daily waste
  • Segregating waste means separating biodegradable wastes from non biodegradable wastes
  • By this means, the wastes can be sorted and decomposed accordingly
  • The simplest way we can contribute as an individual is having two waste bins at home – one for bio – degradable wastes another for non biodegradable wastes

Segregating Wastes : (Short Essay)

Wastes are materials that can be recycled on a regular basis. But because of our ignorance, a lot of waste gets dumped in landfills and pollution hits the planet finally. Only if we start creating awareness and take self responsibility we can clean our environment. For this, we have to learn to segregate our wastes on a daily basis. It is quite important to separate plastic wastes from bio degradable wastes. Plastic wastes should be totally separated from natural wastes. Plastic wastes do not decay like biodegradable wastes. Instead they take many years to breakdown even after which it is dangerous. On the other side, we cannot destroy plastic wastes by burning. Plastic wastes emit poisonous smokes when they are burnt. So, it is high time we avoid using synthetic materials. If not, we should try to segregate wastes and help in lessening the pollution level in our environment.

Segregating Wastes : (Brief Essay)

What happens when we throw our wastes in a public bin? Where is the waste taken to? Is it destroyed or recycled?

Most often wastes are taken for recycling. But for the same, the wastes need to bio degradable. Biodegradable wastes are the wastes that include fruit peels, animal waste, egg shells and other such materials that breakdown easily when put in contact with the soil. But, what people do is littering Here and there and mixing all wastes in the bin. The problem starts when we put plastic bottles, plastic bags and other non bio degradable wastes along with the natural wastes.

Irrespective of what it is made up of, all wastes can be either reused or recycled. People instead throw away wastes after a one time use.

Similarly, papers are wastes enormously. Lot of trees can be saved if we effectively make use of the left over papers and used notebooks.

Only when we separate wastes, we can enrich the soil by filling it with biodegradable wastes alone. Such an act will help making our environment more Clean and pollution less.