How to protect your Child’s Vision ?

How to protect your Child’s Vision ? :

Everyone knows how much eyesight is essential. That too, for children it is very important to care and protect the eyesight at an early stage. Since children’s eyes are too tender to be damaged easily, it is necessary to make certain precautionary measures to take care of it.

When a child grows, his/her nutrition and lifestyle has an effect on the eyesight. Increased use of digital media devices, changing lifestyles, unbalance or inadequate nutrition can cause great risks to children and their vision. So, here are few ways through which you can make the effort to protect your child’s vision from getting damaged.

Provide healthy balanced diet :

A good diet is a foundation for healthy living. Nutrition deficiencies are one of the important reasons why children lose their vision and move to wearing spectacles. The fact is that such damage to eyes is often irreversible. Some essential nutrients that can be included into a child’s diet for eye health are:

  • Carotene, which is found in vegetables like carrots, pumpkins, spinach, and tubers like sweet potatoes.
  • Vitamin C is essential and is available in citrus fruits, tomatoes, peas, and bell peppers.
  • Vitamin E can be acquired from nuts like almonds or peanuts, vegetable oils, and fortified cereals.
  • Zinc is an essential mineral and good dietary sources like red meats, poultry, nuts, and whole grains are good for eye health.
  • Apart from the diet, the lifestyle of a child matters a lot. Encourage your child to have a healthy outdoor play and increase vision stimulation.
  • Also, allow children to have healthy habits like reading with adequate lighting, maintaining safe viewing distance while watching TV or computer, and healthy sleeping patterns.

Prevention and regular checks are essential

If there exists any signs or symptoms of the impending problem, look for immediately. Any discomfort to the eyes or difficulty in reading or seeing has to be treated then and them to prevent further complications. Parents should be watchful for such signs in kids and do the needful.

Regular checks with a doctor for an eye examination is often recommended not only for adults but even for children even if they do not exhibit any signs of vision problems. Usually, vision problems that are detected earlier are often easier to be resolved, especially in children.

Avoid Eye Injuries :

Since childhood is the fun age with no fear, it is important for parents to protect their child’s eyes from any injuries. Eye injuries can even lead to vision loss in children and so protecting is the only way to prevent such eye injuries. Keep an eye on children when they play and make sure to allow them to use only age-appropriate toys without any sharp edges. Never allow children go near a fire or handle fireworks without any adult supervision or safety measures. Also, avoid using eye cosmetics to your child’s eyes.

So, vision problems are common in children and can be indicative of several other health conditions as well. So parents need to take good care of children and inculcate healthy habits and diet into their lifestyle to safeguard them from any possible vision problems at an early age.