Save The Girl Child

Save The Girl Child :

  • Every soul born on Earth deserves life like every other human being
  • Gender Discrimination is a block that stops the growth of women
  • Many societies do not encourage the birth of girl child in first place
  • We should save each and every girl child in India
  • After all, boy or girl child, both are equal; awareness on the same is essential

Save The Girl Child : (Short Essay)

Our society has both good and bad powers in it. The bad elements are thrown away like weeds from a paddy field time to time. In such a course, reformers in the past have stood against evils that deprived girl child/women. There was a period when activities like Child Marriage and Sati were usual practices in our society. But those were eradicated from our society after a time. Agree it or not only certain acts were eliminated; certain others like harassment, dowry deaths, and female infanticide and so on still threaten the safety of girl child/women in India. It is high time we create awareness on importance of safety, gender equality and education for women. We should support our PM Modi’s Beti Bachao, Beti Padao” and fight against gender imbalance in our society.

Save The Girl Child : (Brief Essay)

Be it societal set up or the biological set up, anything given by nature is inevitable for its very existence. This being the truth, it is we humans who discriminate the gifts of nature for our own convenience. The so called discrimination now lies as a hazard to the girl children of India. For several reasons, the birth/growth/empowerment of a girl child is averted in many places of India.

Many men consider women void and they are stabbed inside home. Also, crimes against women have not reduced in recent years too. Few places still encourage female infanticide while few others harass women and innocent girls. The rate of molestation against women keeps hopping year after year.

Like a colorful butterfly comes out of a cocoon, every child that comes out of the mother’s womb is precious. But women are bashed everywhere; right from fetus till playing field gender discrimination has stopped a girl child from coming outside.

It is time for us to wake up and question evil acts of wicked people in the society. Such a way, our present Prime Minister gave away a new initiative – Beti Bachao, Beti Padao” scheme which means “Save The Girl Child; Educate The Girl Child’.  The initiative mainly fights against female infanticide and also aids in defending, safeguarding, supporting, and educating the girl child. Such initiatives will be successful only when people are ready to accept it. We should raise our voice against any threatening on a girl child.

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