The importance of being truthful – a reading comprehension with a story

It is a simple and nice story about a boy who always lies.  But later he understands the consequences and start only speaking the truth.

Please download the PDF The importance of being truthful – a reading Comprehension for Grade 5

The importance of being truthful

There was once a small boy who was very fond of telling tall tales. He would make up stories about the things he had done and the places he had been. His family and friends would listen to him in amazement, thinking that he was the most interesting person they knew. But the boy was not content with just having his family and friends believe his lies – he wanted everyone to believe them. So he began lying to strangers too.

The boy became quite good at lying and people would often believe him, even when his stories were far-fetched. He enjoyed the attention and the admiration that came with being a skilled liar. But as the boy got older, he found that his ability to lie was not always helpful. In fact, it often got him into trouble. He would lie about things he had not done or say things he did not mean, just to get a rise out of people. As a result, people began to mistrust him and he found it harder and harder to make friends.

The boy realized that his talent for lying had become more of a curse than a blessing. It had made him unpopular and unhappy. So he decided to stop lying altogether. And you know what? It was the best decision he ever made. He found that people respected him more when he was honest and that he was happier when he did not have to worry about keeping track of his lies.

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