Winter Season in India

Winter Season in India :

  • Winter Season  is the coldest season of a year in our country
  • In India, Winter Season prevails from the month of December till March
  • During this season our country is cold and people enjoy the season invariably
  • Northern India experiences a temperature between 10 to 15°C
  • The temperature in Southern States varies between 20 to 25°C

Winter Season in India : (Short Essay)

Winter Season in India is the coldest season for all parts of our country. Winter starts in the month of December till the month of March. Many parts of Northern India experience a frozen atmosphere and snowfall during this season. The temperature in Northern India varies from 10 to 15°C which is a very cold environment for our country. The southern states are also cold and the temperature in these places vary from 20 to 25°C. We can see dew drops in the night and fog in the morning in most of the places of the country. This is one of the most enjoyable months of the year and in the month of December schools and college have holidays; so people visit their favorite destinations during this season.

Winter Season in India : (Brief Essay)

Winter Season is one of the 4 seasons of our country. Winter Season follows the rainy season and people enjoy this climate. People experience Winter Season for about 3 to 4 months; from the month of December till March. Of all the 4 months, December and January are the coldest months.

In India, Winter Season starts during the period close to Diwali and comes to an end before the Holi festival. The Winter Season opens the cold wind everywhere and it is the cold wind that creates the environment during this season. Still, the season is not as cold as European Countries. But we can see untimely rainfalls, mist, fog, snowfalls and dew drops in this season.

During this season, it is advisable to wear tight clothes and thick clothes. In many places, people cannot go without woolen clothes. The atmospheric temperature decreases when compared to other seasons of the country. The temperature in Northern India varies between 10 to 15°C and Southern India varies between  20 to 25°C.

Winter Season is a season in which people do not get tired easily because we do no lose our energy through sweating in this season. People  can take a long nap since the chillness gives a comfortable feeling and dull mode everywhere. We can see dew drops in the night; in the morning we can see fog. This is the best season to go for a long walk in the morning and get fresh air to breathe. It is proven that the air we inhale in the early morning, especially during this season is very good for health. This keeps us fresh to our work tirelessly throughout the day.

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