The Moment has come. All your hard work through the whole term will be tested now. While you are getting ready for your exam next day, what things should you keep in your mind? Here are some tips for Easy Exam.

Exam Tip 1 – Prepare your Mind:

Prepare you mind mentally to face the whole period of examination. You will have to get ready for both tough parts and easy parts. The day before your examination should be very cool and no fear should be filled in your mind.

Exam Tip 2 – Keep All The Things Handy:

All that you need for the exam – Pen, Pencil, geometry box and other stuff, more important of all, your hall ticket should be ready in your bag the morning you start for the exam. Don’t confuse yourself searching in the last minute.

Exam Tip 3 -Read The Questions Thoroughly:

The simplest exam tip to get it your way is to have a thorough read of the Question Paper. Having an idea of all the questions and answers before you pen it down is a good way to save your time.

Exam Tip 4 –Prioritize:

One of the most important tips that you can use to plan your examination is to prioritize. Once you get the question paper in hand, you know which the easiest parts are for you. Start prioritizing them and answer them first. Do not waste your time or brain on the messy part first.

Exam Tip 5 -Keep yourself Clarified:

If you are not sure about any question or any part of the rules of exam, do not hesitate to get clarified with the examiner. Trying to investigate and find out the solution on your own will be a waste of time.

Exam Tip 6– Don’t invest your time on others:

You can definitely come across candidates who distract others. Never ever get caught in their trap. Concentrate on your answer paper from minute one till last second of the exam.

Exam Tip 7– Be fast but don’t Miss Anything:

Your speed of answering questions is a great time saver. You write it fast, you get all your questions answered on time. You do it the other way; you might not have time answer questions that you know too.

Exam Tip 8– Don’t Sit on a Particular Section:

If you are doubtful about a section, just leave it for the last attempt. Do not sit and waste your time on a question that you cannot answer.

Exam Tip 9– Check Every Question

Check every question if it’s answered. Also, do not forget to check if the question number in the question paper and answer paper match. You might miss the marks unexpectedly by writing the correct answer with wrong question number.

Exam Tip 10 – Before you Hand it over:

After all your questions are answered, just check if you have written your roll number correctly; pinned all pages in order and ensure all this is done before the final call off is announced.

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