My School – Essay 2

My School :

  • My school is situated at the center of our town.
  • My School is best in academics in our town; my school gives the best results every year.
  • There are many classes for co-curricular activities in my school.
  • I participate in competitions held in my school and it gives me confidence.
  • I have many friends in my school; I love to go to my school every day.

My School : (Short Essay)

My school is my most favorite place. I come to my school daily with my elder sister. She is studying 10th class in my school. We come to school daily in our school van. Many of our neighbors’ children study in the same school I study. I love the assembly session we have in my school daily in the morning. The session activates us with prayer song, daily news, thought for the day and exercises. Our school principal gives us motivational speech once in a week. I like the Physical Education session that comes twice in a week. We play various games and learn yoga during this session.

My School : (Brief Essay)

Schools are places where students of different life styles join together to gain knowledge. Schools provide quality education which enhances a student’s knowledge more and more. My school is an honorable institution that is known for its 100% results every year. The best teachers of the city teach the students of my school.

My school conducts interschool competitions every year. We enjoy hosting the programs and this boosts our management skills. My school conducts debates every month on unique topics. Students of my school have fairly improved their communication skills because of such debates. My school has won most of the interschool competitions conducted by other schools in our city and other cities. I have participated in quiz competitions and presentation competitions on behalf of my school.

The most unforgettable day of every year in my school is the “Annual Day Celebration”. The practice sessions and rehearsals for the big day are always memorable. I took part in the English Skit selected from Shakespeare’s collections in this year Annual Day. I got cheerful applause from my schoolmates and our school principal appreciated my performance with a Special Prize.

I feel proud of the social activities I take part in my school. My school organizes many programs to create awareness on many environmental issues. This year, we conducted a rally on the importance of cleanliness everywhere. I am happy to be a part of this prestigious institution. I also got a lot of true and best friends in my school.

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