Aliens and UFO’s

Last Updated on March 19, 2019

Aliens and UFO’s :

  • Aliens are living things that are believed to exist just like other living organisms
  • Living things that are believed to exist in other planets are called Aliens
  • An object that cannot be identified and that flies in the sky is called UFO (unidentified Flying Object)
  • UFO’s are believed to be debris falling down from a weather baloon
  • The research on extra terrestrial life is a major part in learning Aliens and UFO’s

Aliens and UFO’s : (Short Essay)

We all would have seen Aliens in many movies and Cartoon Shows. They are extra terrestrial and they are not proved to be real. They are not living beings that exist in Earth. They are considered to be living in other planets like how we live on earth. There is no proof that the theory of existence of Aliens is true.  As for as known theories, Aliens look totally different from Human Beings. Still research on life in other planets is going on. Similarly the existence of UFO’s is never been proved and findings have identified many sources for UFO’s like Astronomical objects, Atmospheric Objects, Balloons, Light Phenomena and so on.

Aliens and UFO’s : (Brief Essay)

UFO is an extra terrestrial object that stands for “Unidentified Flying Object”. Findings say that UFO can  be seen falling on the planet every three minutes. Aliens are living organisms that are said to live in other planets like human beings.

The famous Scientist Stephen Hawking firmly believed that Aliens certainly exist. Why are many people so curious about Aliens? The question is if there can be life on Earth why not life in other planets. We only know the 9 planets in the Solar System. But the real fact is that there are more than thousand million stars in our galaxy – Milky Way. As we know, there are many other galaxies like Milky way. Also there are supposed to be 10 sextillion to 1 septillion stars in the Universe. So there are strong beliefs that like on Earth life would be possible in other planets too. This interesting research is still going on.

Similarly is a belief in UFO’s that are supposed to be unidentifiable objects that are considered extra terrestrial. UFO’s are also called “Flying Saucers” or “Flying Discs”. But there is no strong or official government investigation that confirms or concludes that real objects that are physical in nature and are from an extra terrestrial origination.

The common sources of UFO’s are:

  • Astronomical objects like bright stars bright stars that die, planets from other galaxies, meteors, man-made spacecrafts that are re-entering Earth, Artificial Satellites that fall off to Earth
  • Balloons that can be Large Research Balloons or Weather Balloons
  • Other atmospheric objects and phenomena that could be unidentifiable birds, unusual clouds, big flares and other such objects that might look strange to people who see it from far away distances
  • Light phenomena that might possibly appear like UFO’s
  • Hoaxes