December 4 – World Navy Day

December 4 – World Navy Day :

  • World Navy Day is celebrated on 4th December every year.
  • It is observed on the remembrance of the achievements of the Indian Navy.
  • The day marks the Indo-Pakistan war and Indian Navy’s attack on Karachi harbor.
  • It is marked as a day of memorial for the martyrs and missile boats during the war.
  • The day is celebrated with a specific theme every year.
  • The Navy organizes various events in front of the President of India.

December 4 – World Navy Day : (Brief Essay)

World Navy Day is observed by several nations including India. It is celebrated on December 4th every year. The day is observed in every country for different reasons and achievements. In India, the day is celebrated observing the magnificent achievements and roles of the country’s naval force.

This year’s Navy Day 2016 is celebrated in on Sunday, 4th December. The aim of the Navy Day celebration is to remember the courage of Indian Navy. The day remembers the Missile boats and the martyrs during that war. The Navy Day is celebrated with a theme every year, marking the power of the Indian Navy. On this day, the Indian Navy organizes various special events in front of the President of India.

According to the history of the Navy Day, the 17th century Maratha emperor, Chhatarpati Shivaji Bhosle, is considered as the “Father of the Indian Navy”. The reason for choosing the date is the Indo-Pakistan war, which took place on 4 December in the year 1971. The special memorial is to mark the Navy’s attack on the Karachi harbor during this war.

Indian Navy is the armed forces of the marine department. It is led by the President of India, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Navy. Indian Navy plays a major role in protecting the marine borders of the nation. It enhances the international relations of the country with its neighbors. The Navy branch organizes seaport visits, humanitarian missions, joint exercises, and calamity reliefs.

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