Constitution Day of India or National Law Day

Last Updated on November 25, 2016

Constitution Day of India or National Law Day :

• The Government of India declared 26 of November as Constitution Day.
• It is celebrated as an honor to Dr. B.R Ambedkar.
• It is also known as Samvidhan Divas or the National Law day.
• The Indian constitution was adopted on this day in 1949 in the Indian Constituent Assembly.

Constitution Day of India or National Law Day : (Brief Essay)

The day is observed to bring awareness about the importance of our constitution and spread the ideas of Dr. Ambedkar.

The National Law Day in India is observed as an honor to Dr.B.R. Ambedkar.  He was the man behind the formation of Indian constitution. He is known as the Father of Constitution of India. The National Law Day, as called previously is now the Constitution Day. It is also known as Samvidhan Divas. The day is observed every year on November 26th.

It was on this day in 1949, our Indian Constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution of India. The constitution took effect on 26 January 1950, which we celebrate as the Republic Day. The constitution day was chosen to bring awareness about the importance of the constitution. This day is also used to spread the ideas and thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar.

The primary principles of constitution include the rule of law, the independence of legal profession and the Judiciary. Every citizen in India should know that the Supreme Court (SC) is the ultimate body that supports the goals of our Constitution. It works and defends human rights and peace for all citizens. It protects democracy and honors the rule of law. The constitution of Indian strives for a secular, independent, communist, autonomous and republic nation. It secures the citizens by equality, liberty, and justice.

Today, Indian constitution has experienced 66 years of practice, since 1949. The Constitution of India is the longest written constitution in the world. It is unique and took around 2 years, 11 months and 17 days to write and pass it to the Constituent Assembly.

The constitution day is celebrated in India to remember the history of the nation and its independence after launching its own constitution.