Digital India Campaign – Essay

India is a country where the economy much relies on cash than digital transactions. On July 1,  2015 Digital India Campaign was launched in Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Delhi.

Digitizing everything in a country like India has both advantages and disadvantages, eases and difficulties. Still, the campaign is believed to become one of the promising initiatives of the Indian Government.

As a simple outline, the biggest difficulty in realizing this initiative all over the country is Awareness. The percentage of educated people in all states is not 100% and most of the people over 50 do not have awareness about Internet, educated though. Creating awareness and educating people on the same would be the first and most effective step towards bringing Digital India Campaign into action.

Why Digital India Campaign?

  • To bring into reality a digitally empowered society
  • To bring all the departments in the government in one place digitally
  • To integrate the citizens of India digitally
  • To enact the government services digitally so that they are available to people instantly
  • To speed up the development of our nation

How will Digital Indian Campaign be Effective to the Nation?

This Campaign will provide and enable Digital Infrastructure as a Utility. This facility will is not restricted only to only few people, but to each and every citizen of India. This can be made possible by  rendering high speed internet for speedy delivery of government services.

Once the Digital India Campaign is fully implemented all over the country we can visualize integrated services both in online & mobile platforms.

Digital India Campaign will also foster the development of our country by bringing in a Cashless Economy. When all the financial transactions become electronic & cashless, we can see a nation void of corruption and fake currency notes.

Above all, every citizen in India will be aware and literate on Digital transactions and Cashless Economy. Citizens need not run around offices when Govt. documents / certificates need to be submitted for any process, going further.

The other initiatives that go hand in hand with the “Digital India Campaign” are:

  1. “Digi Locker”is an online locker system which lessens the usage, misuse, loss and trouble in processes of physical documents
  2. “Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) Mobile app” is a mobile application that citizens can download to support Swachh Bharat Mission
  3. “eSign framework” just requires a citizen’s  Aadhaar authentication to sign a document digitally; this eases the job of people who need to go to a government office for the same
  4. “National Scholarships Portal” is a very useful  portal that helps in the whole scholarship process of a student
  5. “Bharat Net” which is a high speed digital highway project. This project uses optical fiber to connect lakhs of Panchayats all over the country