Why Advertisements should hold Social Responsibility?

Why Advertisements should hold Social Responsibility?

The contemporary media and marketing is changing the way advertisements are perceived. TV advertisements, social media, and internet are the common forms of marketing in the present days. As a result, it tends to affect the behavior and lifestyle of common people. Sometimes, the influences of advertising can also cause adverse effects. It is important for the advertising companies to have some responsibility for their actions.

Today, advertising companies are more of marketing strategy than of social responsibility. Today’s advertisements are persuasive but lack credibility. Since advertisement is a powerful medium, it must provide a valuable communication. Most of the advertising companies have a commercial motive and are least concerned of the consumers. Advertisers use customer’s behavior to their advantage. They create inaccurate information and misleading claims to sell their products.

An ad can create an emotional response among the public, affecting their choices and thoughts. This creates the success for the brand image. Such advertisements can subconsciously manipulate the behavior and intention of the consumers. It also elicits the consumer’s emotional response.

It is the social responsibility for the advertising companies to present their ads in a positive way. Ads should be objective, accurate, and impartial. Modern marketing strategies of today’s world are not this way. Advertisements actually promote and sell the products for material values. Most advertisements today are persuasive and less informative. It is also sometimes misleading for the consumers. The objective of today’s ads is to turn viewers into buyers. This is why social responsibility is necessary for advertisers. They have to hold moral principles and ethics concerning the interest of the society and the public relations.

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