Discipline : The First Code of Conduct

4 Lines – Discipline : The First Code of Conduct :

  • Human life is a gift that shines when discipline
  • Discipline is the most important conduct every individual has to carry
  • A disciplined person wins in life while the one is not worries at the end
  • One should have stability of mind to be disciplined in life

Discipline : The First Code of Conduct : (Short Essay)

Discipline is a manner of life. Life can easily be undertaken by a person who is disciplined. Most of the successful people have discipline as their secret of success. Life gets shaped with a proper mental discipline. It teaches a person how to handle a situation. One who is disciplined is punctual always ; one who is punctual wins the bread always. The key to the secret pathway of success is discipline. Responsible people use this as their entry card everywhere. When we practice discipline our mind becomes free and we would no more be a slave to our excuses. Practice discipline to win in life.

Discipline : The First Code of Conduct : (Brief Essay)

Manner makes a man. Every human becomes an example only with the way he behaves. Such a life can be made possible with regular practice of discipline.

A disciplined life is never incomparable. One cans life a systematic life with the help of his/her discipline. Following self discipline in life has numerous benefits and listed below are a few :

  • Self Discipline leads to self confidence which in turn boosts up the self esteem. A person can grow high and stay so with such a discipline
  • A discipline is always punctual and well planned. Such a person can easily face any kind of challenges and overcome any type of obstacles
  • Discipline brings stability of mind and it helps us differentiate the right from wrong and good from bad.
  • Discipline takes you close to your goals and accomplishment. A person who is self disciplined will stay focused always
  • A disciplined life gives a stress free life and helps to lead a peaceful life. Staying calm becomes the habit of a disciplined person.
  • Disciplined life means a healthy life free from lifestyle health diseases and unnecessary medications.

Above all, Discipline adds magnificence to your personality. It gains you respect everywhere. Set an example with discipline in your daily life.

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