Farmers – The Pillar of India

Last Updated on October 22, 2020

Farmers – The Pillar of India:

  • Farmers are the backbone of a country
  • Without farmers, a nation would become lifeless
  • A farmer is the biggest asset of any nation
  • Indian Farmers are working hard each and every day for our daily food

Farmers – The Pillar of India : (Short Essay)

As we all know India is a country that mainly dwells with the occupation – Agriculture. Being the major occupation of the nation ever since, farming has never gone out of style in our country. Farmers work under the scorching sun only for us to get our daily meal. But the struggles in a farmer’s life are ignored by everyone around. Farmers provide us with food but they have a tough life literally. Indian economy booms high on and on because of the hard works of farmers especially. It is high time the pains of a farmer are noticed and addressed so that we are a healthy and prosperous country always.

Farmers – The Pillar of India : (Brief Essay)

“Once in a while in life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policemen or maybe a preacher. But every day, 3 times a day, you need a farmer” – as the saying goes so does the fact of life. No one on earth can ever think of a normal life without the hard slog of a farmer.

A farmer’s life is a turmoil which has never been reconstructed. Indian farmers are a big bunch of hard workers who bring fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and pulses to our market. While we complain on the shooting prices often we forget the uphill struggle a farmer undergoes during each and every harvest.

We should keep reminding to ourselves that our Indian farmers are the very reason for the survival of each and every one of us. They fight climatic variations, soil erosions, droughts and floods but come up their final produce to the market. If we think farmers indulge in the occupation out of no other option then we are deceiving our own minds. While most of the farmers have a tough life there are these ambitious farmers who work hard and aspire to pass the beautiful knack of farming to the next generations.

Indian farmers are one of the best farmers all over the world. As days are passing on, as life keeps moving on, are we overlooking the problems of our fellow brothers too? Before it is too late lets lend our hands to our farmer friends and make our Indian Farmers live a happy life!